How to defeat the Evil HP Inkjet Printer cartridge's expiration

I got an evil HP Business Inkjet Printer (model 2250). At one point the printer stopped working and the little message window said "Attention" the ink cartridge was "expired". This is despite the fact there was plenty of ink left! HP is evil.

If you search on the web you can see suggestions about defeating the expiration. For example, some people suggest setting your system's computer clock back in time.

But I found an easier way that worked for me under Windows XP:

Go to Start | Settings  | Printers and Faxes.

Click on your printer, HP Business Inkjet 2250.

Then click on Printer | Properties | Advanced.

You'll probably see an HP Driver selected.

Select Microsoft XPS Document Writer, and click on Apply and OK.

That worked for me: I was able to print.

But the driver later reverted, and I had to repeat the procedure again.